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My guitars

My Guitars

Here are some pics and descriptions of some of my guitars. I will also show some of my friend's guitars that I borrow from time to time.

1977 Ibanez Destroyer
This will always be my favorite guitar. I bought this new in 1977 and I would never sell it.

My Epiphone acoustic
Playing a little slide while recording HeepHeads tunes in Cleveland at Dave's house.

Ryan Scarlett's 2003 PRS Custom 22 Ten Top
Tim Scarlett was gracious enough to let me play Ryan's XMas present before Santa gave it to him!

Hofner 500/1 without pickguard

Late 70's/Early 80's Hofner 500/1 Beatle Bass
This is the guitar I've wanted since the day the Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan.

1975 Ibanez Les Paul copy

This guitar is sentimental to me and my wife. This is the first quality guitar I ever Kamp Music in Danville Illinois in 1976. I was a huge Kiss fan at this time and I wanted a guitar that looked like Ace Frehley's. This was as close as I could get to a Gibson Les Paul and still afford it. It is a great guitar, thin fast neck, Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge. This also was the guitar I was playing when my wife and I first met, at Lincoln Park in Danville on August 17th, 1977. So this guitar will be passed down, I will never sell it.

1966 Vox Mark XII 12 string teardrop
This is my friend Don "Fred" Williams' guitar, very nice collector's piece. We've used it a lot.

The Fender Twins
Here is my MIM Stratocaster and Telecaster. Great guitars for a great price!

This is my son Mike's Carvin Bolt.

He finished and built this guitar himself. He used Tung OIl for the finish with a Cherry stain on the alder body. I am proud of the job he did and I assisted him very little. The guitar plays great and has a pretty sweet tone.

This is my son Ryan's Squire Precision bass.

We got it in a rummage sale...$15!  We took off a bunch of Sponge Bob Squarepants stickers, sanded it down, primered and painted it and it is now a very nice playing and looking bass. I adjusted the neck and action, put new strings on it and he has a rock machine to jam with his friends now.

My newest toy!

My new Gibson SG Classic. It has P-90 pickups just like the one Pete Townshend used to play in the WHO's glory years. Incredible guitar for the price, well below $1000. The quality is excellent.  I was lucky enough to get one with a solid one piece body, most are usually two piece or more. It's got a great bite to it and plays like only a Gibson can. I still love my Strat and the rest of my guitars, but this one will be on top of the play list for awhile.

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